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The lithium-ion experts!


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About us

Together we are STARK!

STARK stands for competence, quality and trust in the center of Germany

How it all began...
STARK Power GmbH was founded around 14 years ago with the idea of creating a strong partner in the professional storage and export of batteries, UPS and charging rectifiers with high security and cost and time savings for the CIS.
We still do this today and are a proven expert in this field.
LionTec GmbH was founded two years later as a subsidiary company of STARK Power GmbH . The focus of LionTec GmbH was the production of lithium-ion batteries as well as the development of lithium-ion battery systems and the distribution of lithium-ion batteries.
This is what the brands LionTec and Lithionator stand for.

Where we stand today...
By bringing together our expertise from LionTec GmbH and STARK GmbH, we are creating the basis for joint further growth and continuous development.
Furthermore, with the LionTec and Lithionator brands, we intend to offer our customers a cost-effective, reliable and safe product with maximum performance (usually high energy density) in lithium-ion technology.strong>
We are always independent and have no preconceived opinion about the available technologies. With our 20 years of experience in the field of accumulators, we are in a position to select the best technology for every application, to procure it and make it available to our customers.
Every battery sold by us has been thoroughly tested and inspected in our laboratory (where we also develop our own lithium-ion industrial batteries). We only distribute batteries which we know for sure that the customer gets a long lasting product and we know we can easily give the two years warranty which the european law guarantees for the consumer.
As an innovative and passionate development team, our goal is to develop lithium-ion batteries and systems that guarantee the highest level of safety and reliability, are appropriate in performance and energy and offer customers unlimited comfort.
STARK Power GmbH manufactures lithium-ion batteries with the brands LionTec and Lithionator for the following applications:

  • Telecommunication / UPS
  • boat drives
  • scooter
  • Clean & scrub machines
  • Other cycle applications

Where we're going...
We want to create open spaces and think ahead innovatively. We achieve this through our strong partnership.
We secure our future through strong customer relationships based on trust and competence.
The brands LionTec and Lithionator will furthermore stand for reliable quality in lithium ion technology.


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