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What to do while buying?

Take your worn out battery and a yardstick and got to our shop-site www.liontecshop.com. Look for the voltage (mostly 24 V or 36 V) on your battery or the equipment for which you need a new battery. With this you are searching coarse in the column and compare the appearance with the pictures on the shop-site. I f you think you have found the right battery click on datasheet wherein you will find a detailed drawing with measures, which you can compare now with your battery. If you are sure the chosen battery fits (also look for large scale picture) you can place the battery in the shopping cart and go for payment.

Briefly summarized:

  • Take battery and yardstick
  • Go to www.liontecshop.com
  • Consider the voltage
  • Compare the appearance with pictures
  • Click on datasheet
  • Measure
  • Compare with large scale pictures
  • Order
  • Pay
  • Done