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About us


Our approach is to offer the customer a cost attractive, reliable and safe product with a maximum of performance (mostly high energy density) in Lithium-Ion technology.


In this, we are always independent and have no prejudis to any of the offered technologies. With our meanwhile more than 20 Years of experience with rechargeable batteries we feel us in the position to select for each application the right technology, to get it in stock and make it available for customers. Therefore we concern oneself with the following technologies:

Lithium-Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt Li(NiMnCO)O2 shortly called NMC

Lithium-Iron phosphate LiFePO4 shortly called LFP

Lithium-Ion batteries with the cathode material Manganese spinel you will not find in our portfolio because these batteries have a very limited cycle life and therefore offer an insufficient cost-benefit ratio – although they are cheaper to get.

Every battery sold by LionTec was tested and valued on post mortem analysis in our lab (here we also develop Lithium batteries for industrial purposes) on a sample base. WE only let batteries into the market on which we are sure that the customer gets a lasting product and we easily can provide the 2 Years warranty period as the European institution guarantee it for end consumers.

As an innovative and passionate development team it is our ambition to develop Lihtium-Ion systems which provide a maximum of safety and reliability, being at the same time appropriate in energy and power and offer the customer unlimited comfort.

STARK Power GmbH produces also Lithium-Ion batteries fort eh following applications:

  • Telecommunication / UPS
  • Boat drives
  • Scooter
  • Clean & scrub machines
  • Other cyclic appliacations